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Nadcap Accredited for Quality Systems, Chemical Processing, and Painting

About Synergy Metal Finishing

We take great pride in providing high quality metal finishing services that enhance the function, durability, and appearance of our customers’ parts. Our goal is to provide responsive turn-around times, excellent value and professional customer service. We recognize that the parts we process serve important functions in the most demanding environments of the military, aerospace, aviation, medical, and commercial industries. For this reason, we follow a comprehensive Nadcap accredited quality management system to ensure that the highest quality results are achieved.

About TechniChrome

We enjoy working in partnership with our customers. We understand the importance of the role we serve in your success. While we offer a variety of metal finishing processes and services to many military specifications, we are eager to add additional processes or extra capacity to support your needs or unique specifications. We work for you using lean manufacturing principles, and continuous process improvement to streamline our processes to meet your needs, and process your parts efficiently.

We employ a comprehensive test, and calibration program to ensure that our chemical baths, processing and test equipment perform accurately and dependably. Our operators and quality assurance personnel are well trained and experienced in processing and handling your parts. We enjoy high quality assurance ratings with our customers.

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Nadcap Accredited for: Quality SystemsChemical ProcessingPainting
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